Let’s Find Out How Thirsty You Are Based On Your Sign

We’ve looked to the stars and mastered the science of thirst, you see.

  1. VladimirFLoyd / Via iStock
    1. You got: Your Thirst Is POWERFUL

      Like the ram from which you take your name, Aries, you’re raring to ram in headfirst. Just wear protection (like a helmet, maybe).

    2. You got: You’re Excitedly Thirsty

      Dear Taurus, like a bucking bull, your thirst is mighty and only able to be controlled by someone who really knows what they’re doing. You’ve got no time for fools and amateurs, so avoid them.

    3. You got: You’ve Got Double The Thirst

      You have twice the passion of most others, Gemini, and your mercurial nature means you might need more than one… collaborator to help with that.

    4. You got: You Thirst Deeply And In Secret

      Your maintain a hard shell, Cancer, and your thirst is very personal to you. Just know that, once the one you’re interested in notices, they’re gonna be (and get) prettyyyyyyy lucky.

    5. You got: Your Thirst Is Mighty

      Like the lion for which you’re named, you tend to roar about the people who interest you, Leo. Thin out the weak who are intimidated and focus your thirst on those who can stand up to how deeply you think and feel.

    6. You got: You’re Adorably Thirsty

      You’re know you’re beyond cute, Virgo, and fortunately the object of your desire knows this, too. Plus, your persistence and attention to detail pays off when it comes to love (and lust).

    1. You got: You’re Cautiously Thirsty

      Darling Libra, when you find yourself trying to balance between your heart and your head. That’s always wise, but remember that it’s OK to let go of the wheel and let one take over for a while. Love is about balance; thirst is about letting go.

    2. You got: Your Thirst Is Intoxicating

      You’ve learned you’re not for the faint of heart, Scorpio. Many are intimidated by the depth of your thirst and by your willingness to explore… the darker side of life. Pity those fools, for they are drawn to you anyway, like a fly to a (sexy) spider (wearing leather). Destroy them gently.

    3. You got: You Thirst With Purpose

      You aim to win, Sagittarius, whether you’re thirsting after a fling or a future together. Fortunately, you’re so magnetic and charismatic that you find others seek your arrow out quite willingly. Ahem.

    1. You got: Your Thirst Gives You LIFE

      You thrive on challenges, Capricorn, and you love the feeling of having a crush (or 100) and thirsting after them. There’s no shame in your game, nor should there be. After all, your sign is LITERALLY horny.

    2. You got: Your Thirst Is Unquenchable

      You may be the sign of water bearer, Aquarius, but you’re parched, bb. It’s a real good thing that everyone is also thirsting after you, too. You’re hot!

    3. You got: Your Thirst With Your Heart

      You feel deeply, Pisces, and you, more than any other sign, harbor a fear of rejection and hurt. But remember that thirst is FUN for its own sake. Enjoy the ride, Pisces. You deserve a good time.