The top 5 anti-aging foods

Prevent aging with food

As you age, it’s important to increase anti-inflammatory foods such as fruit, vegetables and oily fish, and limit pro-inflammatory foods such as meat, processed foods and refined sugars, says Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based registered dietitian and author of Leslie Beck’s Longevity Diet: The Power of Food to Slow Aging and Maintain Optimal Health and Energy. Here are her top five anti-aging picks:



Pick a berry, any berry. The antioxidants they contain are crucial for keeping you young.


Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower help the liver break down and excrete toxins.



This leafy green veggie is full of vitamin K, potassium and lutein that help maintain healthy bones and vision, and keep blood pressure in check.


Black beans

Keep your pantry stocked with black beans – their slow-digesting plant protein, fibre and high antioxidants will help slow the aging process.


Green tea

This beverage can be enjoyed hot or cold. Either way, it’s full of flavonoids that may protect against heart disease and certain cancers.