Top 5 shaving tips for women


1. Avoid male razors

Ladies, this isn’t a case of battle of the sexes. Women should steer clear of a man’s razor for the pure reason that they’re not designed for feminine bodies. A female razor is a smarter choice. It’s ergonomic; the handle shape and razor head are crafted to seamlessly fit in all the different curvy areas of a woman’s body. It’s true: using a female blade prevents nasty cuts.

2. The right angle counts

Hair can grow in many angles, so it’s vital to use the appropriate stroke for different body parts. Long, even, upward strokes without pressing too hard is ideal for bare legs. Shave your underarms carefully using multiple directions to cut through multi-angled hair growth. Do raise your arm high to pull skin tight and avoid cuts. Likewise, bend knees slightly to prevent cutting into sagging skin. Be very careful around bony areas (ankles/knees) as well as the bikini area, which proves often the most difficult to shave. Hair is thicker and curlier, so moisten hair with water, apply thick shaving gel and gently shave horizontally using smooth, even strokes.

3. Keep blades sharp

A sharp blade is crucial to getting a close, irritation-free shave, since dull blades require more force to cut through hair and often end up scratching the area. New blades don’t need much pressure at all, which ultimately reduces the risk of nicks, cuts and razor burn. For optimal performance, Schick recommends replacing razor blade cartridges after every five uses, and never dry shave! Razors featuring wire-wrapped blades are also beneficial for preventing careless nicks and cuts.

4. Don’t share your razor

You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with a friend or family member, so refrain from doing the same with your razor. Sharing is a hygienic faux pas and a guaranteed way to spread infection and disease if dead skin or fresh blood is on a razor. This also rules out borrowing your man’s razor. Chances are it’s a dull blade due to coarse male hair, which will only promote nicks.

5. Go easy on products

Overloading your underarms immediately after shaving only leads to stinging and skin irritation. Opt for shaving your underarms at night so the area has time to stabilise. During your shave, be sure to soften skin with water for three minutes and then apply a thick shaving gel to retain moisture.