Causes of Wrinkles, Types of Wrinkles and Reasons Why Wrinkles Appear

Wrinkles are a common skin condition that is characterized by folds or creases on the skin. The most common cause of wrinkling of skin is the process of aging; apart from this we can see the wrinkled appearance of skin when it is immersed in water for a long duration of time. The latter is temporary in nature and reverts to normal when the moisture from the skin gets removed.

The wrinkled skin due to aging or expressions or moisture is something that is natural and inevitable. Other factors that cause the condition are damage of skin due to sun exposure, dehydration, smoking, side effects of some medications and unhealthy life style.

Types of wrinkles

Wrinkles are generally classified into three forms as follows:

  • Surface lines
  • This type is shown in the form of appearance of fine lines or folds on the skin , which are visible only from close distance. Most of the wrinkle treatment solutions focus on the removal of these fine lines.
  • Deeper Furrows
  • These are the more visible and larger folds of skin which are generally irreversible without surgery. They are mainly caused due to aging.
  • Wrinkles due to aging
  • Wrinkling of the skin due to aging can be considered to be inevitable. As we grow old , our skin gradually loses the strength and elasticity it used to possess previously. It becomes thinner and more susceptible to reacting to the environmental conditions surrounding us. As a result it becomes less capable to protect against any damage caused by the external agent. All these factors lead to the development of creases, folds and wrinkles on the skin of various parts of the body.

Other major reasons for appearance of wrinkles

  • Genetic Reasons
  • Genetic factor is one of the major reasons for the development and growth of wrinkles. As obvious, there is nothing that we can do much about it except blaming our hereditary trait for this. It is more likely for you to develop wrinkles early if your parents developed them at a younger age, as compared to some one whose parents were free from wrinkles when they were of the same age.
  • Smoking
  • Causes a reduction in blood supply to the skin, as claimed by experts. Consequently, early aging of skin is caused which may lead to wrinkles.
  • Exposure to UV radiations
  • UV radiation emitted by Sun is known to posses a gamut of harmful effects on the skin. Those people, who tend to spend most of their time in the day under Sun’s rays, tend to develop wrinkles early because of exposure to these rays.
  • Skin Type
  • Some people who have lighter form of skin may experience a rapid damage of skin due to environmental exposure and Sun exposure. This may lead to wrinkling of the skin.
  • General expressions of face
  • Certain habits and behavioural patterns increase the risk of premature skin aging. Avoiding them can help keep your skin looking younger. Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet) or between the eyebrows (frown lines) are thought to be caused by small muscle contractions. Over a lifetime, habitual facial expressions like frowning, smiling, or squinting leave their mark on our skin.
  • Sleeping Positions
  • The way you sleep may actually cause wrinkles. No matter how soft your pillow, it puts pressure on your face. Over years, this can result in the appearance of lines into your chin, cheeks, or forehead. Your personal pattern of sleep lines depends on how you tend to rest your face on the pillow.
  • Weight cycling or yo-yo dieting
  • Some experts believe that years of repeated dieting – losing and gaining back large amounts of weight – can damage the skin. Repeated stretching of the skin may harmfully affect the elasticity of skin.