It’s easier than you think.


0 Wrinkles 10-01Who says you have to do crazy things like vampire facials to stay young? When it comes to keeping your skin youthful-looking, the real trick is to be religious about your beauty rituals and extremely conscious of the sneaky habits that are aging you faster. Keep reading to find out how.

1.Get smart about your anti-aging cream.

So many products out there promise to erase wrinkles and make you look instantly younger—but do they deliver? To avoid getting swayed by marketing ploys, read the label and check for anti-aging ingredients that are clinically-proven to work: retinol, glycerin, and antioxidants.

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2.Switch to silk pillowcases.

You spend extra minutes diligently applying your moisturizer and serums before bed, but guess what? As soon as you lie down, your cotton pillowcases are absorbing it before your skin can! Switching to silk pillowcases will help your creams stay where they’re supposed to and they’re softer on your skin, too.

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3.Always use eye cream.

The skin around your precious peepers are the thinnest, so you need to take care of this area very well. Use a powerful combo that takes care of your upper lids (for sagging and wrinkles) and your lower lids (for puffiness and dark circles). Tip: To lessen tugging, always use your ring finger to pat it on since it has the lightest touch.

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4.Never skip SPF.

Sun damage actually accumulates, so opting to nix the sunscreen is never a good idea. To save yourself time in the morning, use a multi-tasking product like BB cream with SPF30 PA++. This does the work of a moisturizer and sunscreen in one handy tube while giving you the foundation-like coverage you need.

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5.Load up on anti-oxidants.

You have to take care of yourself from the inside, too. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help counter the free radicals inside your body and prevent them from wreaking havoc on healthy cells. While you’re at it, make sure your drinking enough H20, too.

5. fruits

6.Don’t forget your neck.

The signs of aging don’t just show up on your face. Tell-tale signs can also show up on your Y-Contour (that’s the area along your jawline and neck), so make sure you use a targetted serum that can help lift and tighten this area.

6. neck

7.Try some yoga.

Stress can show up on your face and make you look a lot older than you really are. Make time for mini mental vacations from your hectic work schedule by squeezing in a yoga class at least once or twice a week. You’ll thank us after you see your post-workout glow.

7. yoga

8.Be a back sleeper.

When your face is scrunched on a pillow for six to eight hours every night, you’re bound to create permanent creases in the long run. Avoid those sleep lines by training yourself to snooze on your back. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it’ll be worth it when you wake up to less lines and puffiness.

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9.Ditch the straw.

Before you ask for a straw for your iced tea, think about this: the constant puckering motion that your mouth will make from sipping is creating tiny creases that can form into deeper wrinkles in the long-run. Solve this by drinking from a glass the normal way and by applying an anti-aging cream with retinol around your mouth, too.

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10.Use a potent makeup remover.

To avoid causing unecessary wrinkles and sagging, always make sure that your makeup remover can break down the toughest waterproof formulas in a few easy swipes. Our pick: the classic cold cream. It’s easy to use, gentle on your skin, and tough on makeup.

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