The best flat-tummy foods


Beat bloating with these cleansing foods, to unveil your flat tummy.

• Eat lots of fibre-rich foods, to keep you regular. If you’re not going to the loo at least once a day, adding a few prunes to your morning porridge can work wonders. Beans and pulses, and in particular adzuki beans, are excellent for reducing water retention, provide lots of fibre and protein and are a tonic for your digestion.

• Eat a small pot of plain natural yoghurt with fruit or a littlehoney to boost the friendly bacteria in your gut. The bacteria improve digestion, helping you feel more energetic and getting rid of that bloated look and feel.

Aloe vera juice is soothing and helps your digestive system function.

Green tea is excellent for general wellbeing and for a flat tummy, so include three or four cups a day. If you can, begin the day with a cup of herbal tea or a squeeze of lemon juice in hot water.Dandelion and nettle teas are mild diuretics, which means they help to get rid of excess water. Lemon juice is very supportive for the digestion and so is also a perfect flat tummy start to the day. If you can’t function without a cup of tea or coffee first thing, limit yourself to one cup of coffee or two cups of regular tea in the day and have herbal the rest of the time.

Cardamom can help with flatulence while cinnamon aids IBS symptoms. Other helpful herbs and spices include cumin, fennel and ginger. Lemon balm is good both for digestion and stress – what a great combination. And you probably know peppermint as a digestive tonic but, interestingly, it’s even better to drink before you eat, rather than after.