Tone up tips for your bottom


Give your rear a helping hand with these butt-slimming products.

Spanx Slimplicity Shaper
Worn under your normal clothes, these powerful compression pants slim your lower body while the seam-free design reduces pinching and bulging around the thighs and hips. Your clothes will look fab and cling to all the right places without cutting off your circulation.

Grid foam roller
Stretching your hamstrings and bum on a foam roller after a workout helps loosen the muscles and opens your muscle fascia (a sheath that runs over your muscles), which helps more nutrient-rich blood to circulate through your body. This helps lengthen the muscles, while breaking up fatty tissues and making your bum look ultra smooth and toned.

Dove Spa Bottoms Up
Give your bottom some TLC with this spa treatment. First, you’ll get a gentle electro-micro-current massage using low-frequency electro currents to shift toxins and penetrate the muscle. Then you’ll be given a deep massage, which encourages blood flow in the legs and buttocks. The result should be a firm, smooth bottom with fewer visible signs of stretch marks and imperfections.
From £42 depending on location;

FitFlop MukLuk tall
These Ugg look a-likes are a must in cold weather. They’re not only warm and cosy but also have a rolling sole that encourages you to engage your core, thigh and gluteal muscles while you walk.