Find inner calm


Give your body and mind new lease of life, with integrative yoga

Is your body feeling stiff? Do you have trouble falling asleep? If you want to learn how to live more comfortably in your own body and de-clutter your mind, book in for Bo Forbes’ insightful and life-enhancing workshops at Triyoga Soho on May 24-27.

The Boston-based clinical psychologist, yoga therapist and founder ofIntegrative Yoga Therapeutics is running a series of workshops to help you achieve your best level of physical and mental health yet.

The in-depth learning, extensive discussion, yoga asanas and adjustments aim to soothe your mind, regulate your nervous system and enhance your immunity to forge a direct path to optimum health and vibrant living.

You can mix and match the workshops that are most relevant to you or attend them all. H&F will be there, so if you can’t attend, we’ll report back with Bo’s top tips on how to enhance your wellbeing with integrative yoga. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what’s on offer.

May 24: How yoga creates change
Bo reports back on the latest research on yoga and how meditation can help support physical and emotional transformation.

May 25: Meditation in motion + stillness 
A deeply therapeutic class that will work across physical, mental and emotional levels.

May 26: Yoga for insomnia 
A class that will explore mindful asana, breath work and restorative yoga to balance the nervous system, enhance immunity and facilitate deep, restorative sleep.

May 27: Yoga for emotional balance
How to create a therapeutic yoga practice to ease anxiety and depression.