8 ways to squeeze in a workout


Don’t let your goals fall by the wayside. You can fit fitness in – no matter what

It can be tempting to postpone your workout plans, but exercising will actually make you more productive, give you way more energy and help you de-stress. Like the sound of that, but not sure how you’re going to fit it in?

Here are eight ways to squeeze in a workout:

Fast classes

Health clubs and gyms know what we’re going through – balancing a million things at once and barely having time for a lunch break some days. That’s why Virgin Active (virginactive.co.uk) runs fast classes: group exercises classes that last no longer than half an hour while promising to give you a workout that feels way longer. Check out twentyfour – a fat-burning session that gets you twisting, pushing and pulling in every direction while boosting metabolism and raising your heart rate.

Late-night affair

There’s nothing worse than rushing to the gym for a quick in-and-out session and being faced with a crowded gym floor or shower queue. This kind of session involves weaving through people, wasting time trying to find a decent spot and waiting around for the dumbbells you want to free up. So, if your schedule allows for it, choose the least busy times, like late at night. You’ll get your pick of the kit and showers. No dilly dallying. No fuss. No wasted time.

Cardio, meet strength

For the next few weeks, forget about separating cardio and strength days. Spin Mondays, leg Wednesdays and circuit Fridays can wait – over the party season there’s no reason why you can’t get your cardio and strength fix in one swift session. Creating a cardio workout using resistance exercises with little rest between sets means you’ll tick both boxes, so get moving with box jumps, mountain climbers and jumping lunges for now.

More, but less

However many times you usually exercise, cut it. Switch from five to three sessions a week without sacrificing any of the effects by taking it up a couple of gears when you are working out. Focusing on quality over quantity could save you precious hours, and is as easy as modifying your moves. Turn squats into squat jumps, press-ups into press-up renegade rows and runs into sprint sessions. Cut rest periods, opt for supersets and incorporate warm-ups into sets, too.

Make your commute count

Taking the bus, train or car to work? Get yourself a decent backpack, a good pair of trainers and run or cycle instead. Not only will you be getting your workout done and dusted before you even start the day, but you’ll also be unleashing that eco warrior within. The environment, as well as your schedule, will thank you for it.

Keep it in the bedroom

No, not that! We’re talking, wake up, work out, get ready and go. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Well, why shouldn’t it be? There are plenty of ways to work out at home and if you squeeze in a quick, intense bodyweight workout in your bedroom before you even take your morning shower, you’ll barely notice the dent in your day. Burpees by the bed, anyone?

Social affair

We all love to make social plans, with our best mates and families and also with old friends for reunions. So why not make your social events exercise-related? You could all go for a run together, try a new class (it makes for a great talking point afterwards!) or hit the gym. Double whammy or what?

Make life harder

Yep, you read that right. Do exactly what you normally do every day but make it more difficult. The lift should become a stranger and the stairs a good friend. Shopping trolleys should be abandoned for your new buddy, the basket, and don’t you even think about driving a walkable distance. Every one of these switch-ups will get you burning calories throughout your regular day