10 ways to exercise indoors


Don’t fancy braving the cold? Bring your workout under cover, says Amanda Khouv

Get your game on

When it comes to fitness games, Wii Fit is just the first step. The Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move consoles now use sensors to detect your movements, so you can dance, box or bat your heart out!

Two’s company

Devise a partner workout for you and a friend who has similar goals. Make sure you’ve got all the kit you need and some space to do it in, then alternate between your houses to keep it interesting.

Bring the outdoors to you

There are so many outdoorsy activities that can be replicated indoors thanks to the wonders of modern technology – invest in a cycling, rowing, running or even climbing machine this winter.

Make friends with your television

Load up on exercise DVDs. There are plenty on offer, from dance-based workouts to quick toners. You won’t even have to leave the living room!

Weight to go

Dreading the thought of heading out to the gym for your cardio session? Well, why not give it a rest? Now is the perfect time to hit the weights at home, building stronger muscles and better endurance ready for when the weather gets a bit friendlier.

Try something new

Exercise regimes can become habitual and, dare we say it, a little boring after a while. This can take a toll on your body and your motivation, making the workouts far less effective. So why not take the cold weather as a sign to shake up your routine and try out a new class?

Have a ball

Did you know that you can work your entire body using just a stability ball? Well, it’s true! Modify your press-ups and planks by resting your feet on it, or your wall sits by rolling it down your back as you squat.

Lose the frills

Ever heard of callisthenics? It’s just a fancy name for body weight exercises that you already know. Lunges, squats, press-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks… You know the drill! All you need is your own body weight and a bit of clear space and you’re good to go.

Say yes to sports

How many of us gym bunnies actually put our fitness to use by playing a sport? Most racket sports can be played indoors, so why not go for a game of squash, badminton or table tennis?

Your favourite magazine can help!

Every issue of Women’s Fitness is packed with handy workouts you can do at home. Remember to do a quick warm-up before you start and you’ll be ready for action.