How to dance yourself fit


Why worry about piling on the pounds when you can dance yourself fit this Christmas!

Christmas is a time for fun and your daily workout should be no exception. That’s why Zumba is a great addition to your day this time of year. If you enjoy it, you put more effort in, and you get better results in the process!

We have an exclusive 30-minutes-a-day workout from InternationalZumba® Education Specialist, Tanya Beardsley, which will help you look and feel better in no time!

ABS Dancers and athletes know the advantages of having strong abs. All Zumba® movements are powered by our torsos (the abs and back), which work together to support the spine when we sit, stand, bend over, pick things up, exercise and move. Your abs are part of the body’s centre of power, so the stronger your abs are, the easier your daily activities will be.
Use the Zumba shuffle to tone your abs:
1. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent,
and your arms ready to move
2. During this move your feet stay fairly planted on the floor.
You merely pivot on the balls of your feet as you turn from side to side
3. Angle one forearm up, and angle the other forearm down, moving
them in opposite directions

Think about your core and allow it to twist while doing this step. The more you think about what muscles are being worked during the movement, the harder they will work! The more you twist, or pivot with this step the more action your core gets. Everything in Zumba Fitness is designed to tone and sculpt your body. The Zumba shuffle works your abs and the rest of your body simultaneously.

ARMS Merengue March:
1. Start with your feet together
2. Bend one knee and straighten the other
3. Switch the bent knee, and repeat. You will notice your hips moving
from side to side
4. Instead of just shifting weight, lift your feet as you bend and
straighten, creating a march step
5. Keep marching while adding arms. For example; pump your arms as if you were chopping with the sides of your hands to work out your triceps

Try using the Zumba Fitness track OQuien Baila Quien Goza’ so that you can keeping moving at a faster tempo and feel the burn!

LEGS Any continuous dancing will work your legs, but try the Reggaetone bounce to start:
1. Start with your feet together and your knees slightly bent
2. Step out with your right foot, together with your left, step again
to the right and touch close with the left, now repeat to the left and
continue alternating from left to right
3. Once you have the basic step, add more movement but opening your knees to allow you to pivot on the balls of the feet creating a slight torso twist
4. When you get comfortable there, bend your knees more and get lower, working those legs

BUM Tone you bottom and feel sexy with the Salsa step:
1. Start with your feet together
2. Step out with right foot, then step in place with left, now together
with the right foot, change weight, step out with left, in place with right, together with left, and repeat
3. When you get comfortable with the basic step, instead of stepping,
incorporate squats from side to side alternating leading leg. The deeper you get, the more your bum works! (Make sure your knees are not extending past your toes for safety)

Keep the Beat, enjoy the music, and you forget you’re even working out! Try Zumbando Por Un Sueno for salsa.