Spice up your indoor workouts


If heading outdoors to work out doesn’t appeal to you, then make sure you keep your gym sessions fun and challenging to bust that boredom.

Plan a gym session with a friend – get competitive and act as spotter or buddy for each other as you do your resistance session. Then relax in the sauna or hot tub afterwards.

Move into uncharted territory and try some new equipment, such as kettlebells and ViPR. Ask one of the gym staff to advise you.

Spice up your treadmill, bike or rowing machine routine with some interval sessions – after a good warm-up, work very hard for one minute, then easy for one minute, and repeat.

Ask for some guidance – book a health assessment or a couple of top-up sessions with a personal trainer. Review your programme after a couple of months and set yourself some new goals.

Relight your competitive fire. Enter a gym challenge – most gyms run competitions for members. Or try an intense class, such as circuits, kickboxing or Spinning.

Warm up for longer than you usually do, taking around 10–15 minutes. This will ensure your muscles are thoroughly warm given the colder weather and will get you more in the mood for working out.

Set easy-to-achieve workout targets, write them in your diary and monitor your progress. Seeing your improvements written down will motivate you to stick to your workout regime.