Five reasons to start boxing

Time to hit that punch bag for some big fitness rewards


It’s the workout that’s got supermodels and A-listers all of a flutter, and with good reason. Boxing is a great all over workout, boosting strength and fitness in one fell swoop. It can also burn around 700 calories a session, but just don’t take it from us. Pamela Lai, Fitness Coordinator at Slice Studios, reveals why boxing is a knockout (…sorry!) way to get fit:
1. It’s a fat burner:
‘Boxing is the ultimate interval training workout. Pushing your heart rate to the max with rest intervals is one of the best ways to burn fat and increase your metabolism at rest.’
2. It improves your coordination:
‘Martial arts and of course boxing require a high level of eye hand coordination. Kicking and punching to a target, being your PT’s pads, punching bag or simply an imaginary opponent, will mean your reflexes need to be fast!’
3. A huge stress buster:
Boxing will improve your mood on different levels. First of all it will require concentration to perform the moves. It will also improve your confidence and finally as a form of exercise, it will produce endorphins, responsible for increased energy and feel good mood.’
4. A great total body workout:
There isn’t a muscle you won’t be needing while boxing! Upper body: shoulders, back, arms and core will all be involved while punching. Quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes will work when kicking, ducking and shuffling. An all over body complete workout.’
5. Get a leaner and more defined body:
‘By lowering your fat levels you will achieve a more lean and defined look. Strength training is a core part in preparation for a boxing, including effective exercises like squats, press ups and core strength work.’