Judy Murray’s fun tennis drills

With Wimbledon fever upon us, we’re itching to get out and hit a few balls! But rather than mindlessly slogging the ball backwards and forwards with a friend, why not work on perfecting your technique? H&F chief sub Emma Lewis got to meet the highly experienced coach, Fed Cup team captain and, of course, mum to Andy and Jamie. Here are three simple drills guaranteed to make you think about what you do with that racquet!
1)   ‘Practise throwing a beanbag to a partner who’s standing a couple of metres away to catch on their racquet head. They then throw it back to you to catch on your racquet head. Build this up so you then swing the racquet with the beanbag on it to send it back to your partner. This helps build racquet-head control.’
2)   ‘Place several cones or markers of some sort, all around one side of the court. Start at the notch in the middle of the baseline and, holding your racquet, sidestep to your right to a marker and take a pretend shot, then back to the start point, then run diagonally forwards to another marker, taking a pretend shot, then backwards to the start and so on. Time it over the course of the holiday and see if you can get faster at it. This helps you improve your movement around the court and you’ll be practising different types of shots too.’
3)   ‘Put a tennis ball in a sock and grip the open end. Practise throwing the ball and sock, starting with it over your shoulder down your back and throwing forwards with a straight arm in a service action. We don’t do much with our arms above our heads, so this helps build up those serving muscles and improve your technique.’
HEAD ambassador, Judy Murray was speaking at a HEAD UK tennis master-class supported by Living Tennis – for more information go to www.head.com/tennis orwww.livingtennis.co.uk.
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