The best fitness apps for small budgets


If money is tight, make sure your body is too with these cheap and cheerful apps

For runners
With over 15 million members and 70 million routes to choose from, MapMyRun is hugely popular worldwide. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just jogging, this app is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. The app can track your pace, calories, distance and time. Plus it compiles a record of your running route. All you have to do is press start!

Free, iTunes

For social fitness
Strava is all about social fitness, connecting athletes from all over the world to create a community of ‘friends, locals and pros’. You’ll earn badges for your achievements, set personal records and (hopefully!) climb the leaderboards. The GPS enables you to track distance, heart rate, power and calories burned – whether you’re running or biking. Plus it’ll help you analyse how well you performed afterwards, too.
Strava Running and Cycling
Free, iTunes and Google Play

For fun and exercise
Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger or improve your speed, Fitocracy’s expert trainers and huge variety of fitness activities have got your back. It’ll keep you entertained with its game-like features including completing quests and slaying the laziness dragon!
Free, iTunes and Google Play

For the peace seeker
If you want to practise yoga wherever you go – home, hotel, campsite! – you need Pocket Yoga. Take your pick from 27 different sessions with varying durations and difficulty. And if you find yourself wondering what the heck tree pose is, don’t worry. This app even has its very own pose dictionary.
Pocket Yoga
£1.89, Google Play; £1.99, iTunes

For reward hunters
Want to make money for living a healthy life? Sounds too good to be true, we know. But with this clever series of apps from Pact you can do just that! Set yourself healthy eating or exercise goals each week and an amount that you’re willing to risk losing if you don’t hit your targets. Then, if you stick to your goals – which could be running for 20 minutes or eating a certain amount of veg – you’ll get cash-back rewards from those who decided to be lazy. Amazing!
Free, iTunes and Google Play

For progress followers
Garmin Fit lets you know how long you’ve been exercising for, as well as distance covered, calories burned and pace. And, once your session is complete, the data is automatically updated to Garmin Connect to provide you with the stats. You can see your exact route and even share your workout – if you fancy showing off!
Garmin Fit
69p, iTunes and Google Play

For Ab fanatics
If you’re in need of some ‘abspiration’, this handy little app might just do the trick. Offering a variety of ab-scuplting workouts lasting five to 10 minutes each, you’ll have a super-strong torso in no time! The videos clearly demonstrate the exercises with on-screen instructions and the timer keeps you on track.
Daily Ab Workout
Free, iTunes and Google Play

For the overview
Thinking of investing in a pedometer? No need! The Argus app makes keeping track of your steps a breeze. But that’s not all, it’ll also track progress in running, cycling, yoga and any activity you can think of! You can even use it to monitor how much water, or tea you drink. Handy!
Free, iTunes

For bags of fun!
Run for your life with Zombies, Run! 5K Training. Ideal for beginners, this app offers an eight-week programme with workouts orientated around a gripping Zombie tale! With a creepy soundtrack and instructions to run, walk or jump in keeping with the theme, it’s scary stuff!
Zombies, Run! 5k Training
£1.49, iTunes and Google Play