Running tips


Got an event coming up? Running coach George Anderson gives us his top five tips for the big day

Hurry up and wait

Traffic, parking and a trek to the start can all be unpredictable so get
to the race location in plenty of time.Feeling rushed will raise your stress levels, meaning you’ll burn through energy that would be better saved for the race. Better to be early, even if it means chilling out in the car for a bit.

Hydrate thoroughly

Focus on increasing hydration levels in the days before your race and the morning before. But go to the loo and then reduce the amount you drink in the hour (especially the last 30 minutes) before the start. A mid-run loo break is guaranteed to put paid to any PB dreams you may have had.

Stick to your plan

Race day isn’t the time to try out any new strategies  Eat the same breakfast, wear the same kit, mutter the same mantras… keep everything familiar, tried and tested. 

Warm up

Generally speaking, the shorter the race the faster the race, which means placing more emphasis on warming up dynamically. For a marathon, some light jogging and gentle stretching should leave you prepared. You’ll be setting off quicker for a 10K, though,
so add in a collection of running drills such as some high knees, some kick-backs and a little bit of skipping. 

Get in the zone

Visualise how you’re going to look, sound and feel during and after the race. Run through your race plan in your head, from the pace you’ll hit when the gun goes, to the point when you’ll start to kick for the finish. Decide how you will answer the questions your fitness will be asking you. Repeat your mantras and remind yourself why you’re there, running that particular race in the first place. You’re not lining up because it’s easy; you’re there because it’s a real challenge.