Fit to party


Shake off the winter blues as you shake your booty! These workouts are guaranteed to get you ready to rock.

Not feeling the festive spirit? Crappy weather, long hours at work and a hectic schedule can leave you less than excited about yet another Christmas do. Never fear – these classes are designed to get your endorphins flowing! Sign up for one of these fun calorie-blitzing sessions and you’ll score a good mood, too. Bring on the party season!

Get your rave on
Dig out your glow sticks and head down to a Fitness Freak Rave to get the party started. Enjoy great choreography, lasers and a resident DJ as you blitz cals in this high-energy dance workout. After two hugely popular pop-up events in 2013, Fitness Freak has launched weekly raves at Central YMCA, London. But they promise some bigger pop-up events in the future, too. Count us in!

Spin city
A spin class may not be the first place you’d think to head to get in the party mood, but Boom!Cycle has got just the thing to get you going. Disco Cycle combines the very best of 70s disco music with a pedal-pumping workout. A good blitz on the spin bike is a great way to burn off those party nibbles and the disco tunes will lift your mood and leave you gagging to get on that dance floor.

Video star
Dance your way in the party zone with the Music Video Classics class at Frame. Expect a top-notch playlist including tunes such as TLC’s /Waterfalls/ and Madonna’s /Into the groove/, and funky and fresh choreography. It’s an hour of fun, that’ll work your body hard and perk you up for the evening’s adventures. And, with any luck, you’ll pick up a few moves you can whip out on the dancefloor later.

Dance diva
Like to boogie to a bit of everything? Virgin’s Body Jam class is billed as the ‘ultimate dance party’ and offers a fusion of dance styles to a pumping soundtrack, culminating in an impressive routine. Got two left feet? Don’t worry – newbies will fit right in as the choreography is easy to follow. It’s the ideal way to forget about a long day at work and get your head ready for a night on the tiles.

Hip to be zen
Yoga isn’t just a way to chillax, it’s mood-lifting and energising, too. Funk the Buddha runs regular pop-up dynamic yoga events with a live DJ pumping out the tunes. Events are usually held in unusual or interesting venues and you can hang around afterwards for food and cocktails to get you on your way.

Zumba time
It’s an oldie now, but still a goodie. And when it comes to a mood-boosting, party-starting workout, Zumba is still where it’s at. Funky beats, crazy moves and a whole lot of enthusiasm mark this class out as a clear winner for pre-party shenanigans. Grab your mates, book yourselves in and party on down!

Booty shaker
Make like Miley Cyrus and get your twerk on with the aptly named Twerk it Out class at Gym Box. This low-impact aerobic workout infused with ‘a sexy mix of dynamic dance and choreography’ is the perfect way to fine-tune your twerking technique in time for the office bash. And with a soundtrack packed with all the latest hot tracks, you’ll barely notice you’re working.

Mega dance party
Taught by professional dancers on a club dance floor, Ravercise offers high-intensity interval training, stretching, a cool-down and a ‘skank-out’ – where everyone lets their hair down to a new mix played by the in-house DJ. The soundtrack is energetic bass music and it’s a fast-paced class. After an hour of fun you’ll be raring to get your glad rags on!

Get glam

Go from the gym floor to the dance floor in style

• Shower power

Leave time for a nice long shower – it’ll help with your cool-down so you’re not slapping on tights and make-up over sweaty skin.

• Dress it up

If you can, transport your evening outfit in a suit carrier. There’s nothing worse than pulling out your fancy frock to find it creased and whiffing of old gym bag.

• Wipe it off

Pack make-up wipes so you can take off the day’s make up and start with a fresh face.