How to bounce back into your fitness regime


Are you lacking motivation? Put the spring back into your workouts with trainer Nik Toth’s tips.

1. Enjoy, first: I always recommend choosing a form of exercise that you actually enjoy so training doesn’t become a chore – especially after time off. Moving your body in any way is better than doing nothing at all. So if you can’t get yourself out of bed for the 6am bootcamp in the dark, try an indoor group fitness class or similar.  

2. Snail’s pace: Start slowly and ease back into exercising by increasing your training by one to two workouts each week.

3. Start early: Losing body fat takes a lot longer than putting it on. Allow yourself plenty of time if you are working toward a particular look for a particular event. For most people, it takes six to eight weeks to see significant changes in their body. 

4. Prioritise resistance training: Resistance training helps increase lean muscle mass, increasing your basal metabolic rate and burning more calories at rest. This aids in fat loss and toning – two birds.