Sneaky ways to cut calories (KJs)


Easy food swaps and quick tips to help you lose weight when you’re out and about.

Almost two thirds of young Australian women cited ‘eating better’ among their new year’s goals. If you’re determined to make it throughout the year, ditch the deprivation mentality.

We found sneaky ways to cull fat without skipping, er, living. (Even moderation.)

Cafe breakfast
Swapping a big breakfast (fried eggs, bacon, toast with butter) for poached eggs with grilled tomato will save you 600kJ and 15g fat.

Dining out
If you know there is going to be more than one course of food, you don’t need to finish everything on your plate. Leaving the extra piece of garlic bread and after-dinner mint saves you 1,800kJ and 22g fat.

On a plane
Accepting the sandwiches and cereals, but rejecting the jumbo muffin and soft drink, will save you 2,300kJ and 25g fat.